I grew up in southern New Jersey, learning photography from my mother. When I first moved to Maine, I was surrounded by beauty I had never seen in the big cities and suburbs. Every day, I found new things to inspire me. Since then, I have always had a camera in my hand. To say photography is my passion... Well, of course it is. Why else would I be doing this?

In reality, people are the main reason I do this. I love using my camera to record the intimate, important moments of peoples lives. I remember how amazing my wedding day was, how incredible it was to watch the birth of my daughters, their first photos, our first family photos. It's amazing to be able to create something tangible for others to be able to remember those most important events in their lives. As a photographer in Maine, I relive the joy of my wedding and my children’s births vicariously with every wedding or child I photograph. The rush of shooting a birth is probably one of the most incredible feelings I have ever experienced, second only to my own kids.

So yes, photography is my passion, but not because of the camera; it’s my passion because of the people who let me share the indescribable joy of their lives. I would love the opportunity to share in yours.