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When you entered our lives, you changed everything. Mom and I had never loved someone so fiercely as we love you [and your little sister]. You challenge us every day. You make us laugh, you make us yell, you make us crazy, you makes us smile. Molly, these three years have been the most insane and incredible and wonderful years of our lives.

Happy birthday, my beautiful girl. I love you with all of my heart.

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Twins! I remember like it was yesterday. I had been waiting for weeks to get the text that the twins were on their way. Beth had been in the hospital on mandatory bed rest and monitoring. Baby J wasn't growing. They scheduled the c-section for Monday morning. I messaged Beth early and she told me it was a go. I stayed all day, from the prep for surgery, through them being brought into the OR (where I could not join them), all the way to the NICU, where Beth and Josh got to see their precious baby boy and baby girl and actually touch them for the first time.

Fast forward a month and they brought their sweet babies home. We scheduled their studio session a few days later. They were perfect! Baby A had a smile on her face for the first half of the session. J was awake most of the time, but was so precious. He has these gigantic eyes that were made for the camera. I couldn't have asked for a better pair.

I just about melted every time I got them posed. These two babies were so perfect. Mom and dad were so totally smitten by them. Who wouldn't be? I mean, seriously, I get to work with babies all the time, but getting twice the cute squishiness is almost too much to handle.

I cannot believe they are now four months old. The time just flew by. I'm so glad to have been a part of the amazing journey this young family has just begun.

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